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Self Service

Self Service Screening: $45 per application (QuickApp Enabled)
Sample Screening Report

Screen applications on your schedule. With Self Service Screening you can pay for the reports at the time of order completion and receive instant access to your reports, 24/7. You will receive a credit report, criminal background check, and eviction report.

If you use the QuickApp to have the applicant pay for the reports you will receive an email notification when the fee is paid.  Once paid, you will be allowed to screen the file and have immediate access to the report.

A La Carte (QuickApp Enabled)

The freedom of choice.  Select any service and have immediate access to the report.  You can also use any of these services with the QuickApp.

  • Credit Report with Score - A complete credit profile is provided along with the FICO score.  Screen My Application access the credit report from TransUnion. Fee: $15.00


  • Nationwide Criminal History and Sex Offender Check - Our database checks every jurisdiction, nationwide. Fee: $10.00


  • State Eviction Check - A check to confirm there were no evictions filed on the applicant. Fee: $20.00 


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QuickApp - allows you to send an email link to the applicant so they can pay the application fee online.  A huge time saver that eliminates the need to have the applicant deliver certified funds to you or your office.  The QuickApp is available with the Self Service Screening and A La Carte.